FINALIST in the prestigious Johnson Innovation Design Awards






Today we were able to see the list of finalists for the Johnson Innovation Awards.

I am proud to say that we have made the cut and are finalist in this prestigious competition for the category of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

 This is recognition of the CleanRwith System being a game changer in respect of Digital Transformation in society and not just in the sanitisation space.

I am sure you will see what I mean if you have read the submission.

 Please have a look at the link below:

 When you look at the finalists across all the categories you will see the calibre of company that enters for the Johnson Innovation Awards;  Accor, PepsiCo, Airbnb, Valeo, Microsoft France….. These are major international players.

It should be noted that we were referred to enter the competition after Christophe Joly our Distributor for France gave an interview to French Radio. The interviewer was so impressed with the CleanRwith system that he contacted his daughter who works for Johnson Innovation, the rest is history.

so Thank You Christophe from all at CleanRwith .

 We are a top 3 finalist which is a great position. We are up against BPCE a major French Insurance Company and CN a leader in the North American transportation services industry, focused on supply chain innovation and collaboration. These are both major industry hitters. Be in no doubt however we are offering something very special to be included as a finalist with them.

.So 🤞 and  🙏, the results will be published on February 2nd.2021

 We will prepare a press release and commentary, win or not, as this is something we are all very proud of judged by major international companies to name a few Sodexo, Volvo, LG, Google, Huawei, Oracle and more.

look forward to writing to you all again on this topic, hopefully with winning news.


Kind regards

Sean Bay 


Communiqué de presse 21/01/2021



Johnson is proud to announce the Design Leader of the Year finalists


The Design Leaders of the Year Award finalists have been selected by an International Jury of Senior Designers.


Over the course of the second edition of the Change by Design Conference, Johnson will promote the Design Leader of the Year Award. The primary mission of the Award is to facilitate the interaction between peers and help individuals foster their next breakthrough. This Prize will recognize exceptional design-led innovation and give the opportunity for the most gifted-individuals to be rewarded within the Design industry. Professionals who made use of human-centric design  as a way to positively impact and transform how business operate - regardless of their size - will be recognized for their leadership across various categories:


  • Young Design Leader
  • Culture Transformation
  • Design Inclusion Leader
  • Design for Good Initiative
  • Women Lead Initiative
  • Digital Transformation


  • Brand Transformation
  • Business Model Transformation


Addressing a gap in the market, Johnson wants to promote and recognize breakthroughs and the innovators who were hardly commended in the past.


The jury at the heart of the selection is made of design leaders and professionals, recognized for their careers and achievements:



  • Ivy Ross, Vice President, Design for Hardware Products at Google


  • Nicholas Skytland, Deputy Chief, Exploration Technology Office, NASA


  • Pernilla Johansson, Chief Design Officer, Electrolux Group


  • Dan Makoski, Chief Design Officer, Lloyds Bank Group


  • Gianluca Brugnoli, Chief Design Officer, Huawei


  • Milka Eskola, Vice President Art & Design, Legrand Group


  • Nicolas Petitjean, Group VP Design, Sodexo


  • Donn Ogilvie, Vice President, Product Strategy and Experience Design, Citi Bank


  • Seiya Ohta, Director, VP User Experience, Trustly


  • Anne-Marie Sargueil, Presidente, French Institut of Design


  • Dji-Ming Luk, Senior Designer, Wilmotte & Industries


  • Jenny Lam, Senior Vice President, Brand User Experience, Oracle



On January 17, 2021, the three most promising projects in each category were selected by the Judges. Each finalist now has a winning chance to become Design Leader of the Year in their category.


Young Design Leader:


  • Ieuan Lewis, Designer at Nexus Studios
  • Maxime Dubreucq, Head of Design at Logitech
  • Jessica Williams, Designer at Lamasa Tech


Culture transformation:


  • Mahdi Naim, CEO Designer at Mahdi Naim Design
  • Doug Pace, CEO at Stonehill
  • Philippe Trottin, Inclusion and Accessibility Lead at Microsoft France


Design for Inclusion:


  • Benjamin Earl Evans, Inclusive Design Leader at Airbnb
  • Laura Vallis, Senior Design Reasercher at Fjord
  • Kenza Drancourt, UX Designer at Group Seb
  • Inclusive Team Design : Liverpool City Council Regeneration


Design for good Initiative:


  • Leighton John, Director Of Operations at Royal Mint
  • Jean Moreau, Co-founder and President at Phenix
  • Lucie Basch, Founder of To Good To Go


Women Lead Initiative:


  • Susannah Drake, Founding Principal and Associate Professor at DLAND
  • Jessica Mcguire-dudley, Marketing and Design Director at John Smedley
  • Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee, Senior Flight Systems Engineer at BAE Systems


Digital transformation:


  • Sebastien Malo, Sr Manager, Technology Enablement Services at CN
  • David SerraultHead Of Design at BPCE
  • Sean Bay, Manager EMEA Sales Partnership at Cleanrwith International Ltd


Brand Transformation:


  • Eve bourguignon, Senior Project Manager Midscale and Bittor Sanchez-Monasterio, Economy/ VP Design Midscale & Economy at Accor
  • Jessica Mcguire-dudley, Marketing and Design Director at John Smedley
  • Gianmauro Vella, Senior Design Director APAC and AMESA at PepsiCo



Business Model Transformation:


  • Albert Angel, Creative Director & Co-Founder at Kwerk
  • Doug Pace, CEO at Stonehill
  • Antoine Boilevin, Head of Carlab at X campus at Valeo



On January 29, the Jury will meet to choose the Design Leader of the Year in each category. Each winner will be announced on social media.


For more informations:


Pauline Dallem – Communication and Marketing Manager –