The economic impacts of COVID-19 were unprecedented and are unlikely to be repeated. We have to mitigate the risks of a reality with COVID and less stringent lockdown restrictions.


Liability to Staff, Visitors and Residents The health of all stakeholders is at the core of all day-to-day decisions and efforts to develop strategies for the future.

Supply Shortages and increased Cost Extensive regulatory measures, supply shortages and massively increased prices for sanitization supply make procurement challenging.

Hygiene Standards It is paramount that sanitization protocols in place are followed correctly to not jeopardize their effectiveness and avoid spreading the virus.

Perceived Public Opinion The new norm is a world focused on hygiene and disease containment. The confidence of residents and visitor rates have plummeted.

Restrictions and Operating Conditions Constantly changing regulations from the authorities require businesses to proactively implement solutions to stay ahead and be prepared.

Maintaining Compliance and Reporting Authorities, partners and the public expect operators to enforce compliance and provide them with reliable reporting.

GDPR and Data Privacy Concerns about lacking data protection during the crisis moved into the focus of public attention and regulators likewise.

Long-term Impact The impact on residential care homes will last for years. We need to be better prepared to promote resident, visitor and staff confidence and remain operational.