Wearing a mask, barrier measures, health protocols: these terms have entered everyday vocabulary, especially in schools. But what about hygiene when everyone has left the premises? “This is one of the questions that comes up most often on the first day of school: parents ask us how we disinfect, if we bring in companies, etc. », Explains Damien Hénault, mayor of Montrichard-Val-de-Cher.

Like the president of the departmental council, Nicolas Perruchot, he was seduced by the concept proposed in August by a company from Joué-les-Tours (Indre-et-Loire), CleanRwith. “They combined a French and secure disinfectant product with a traceability system accessible to all, that's their tour de force,” explains Nicolas Perruchot. A parent can scan the QRcode and find out when their child's room has been disinfected. »
In Montrichard, we disinfect the classrooms of schools and the town hall, soon the rooms loaned to associations; for the colleges, more than 800 rooms will undergo a weekly disinfection or more if necessary, "in test until All Saints' Day, afterwards, we will judge".
Yesterday after leaving school at the Bégon college in Blois, the Touraine company came to give a demonstration. The process is ultra-simple: a can is distributed in each classroom, the disinfectant is emitted into the air and also disinfects the surfaces by falling. “15 minutes are needed for the diffusion and then we ventilate for 30 minutes. The maintenance agent scans the QRcode of the room, then that of the can and this generates a traceability certificate ”, explains Laurent Chouraqui, one of the partners. Each parent can access it by downloading the app on their smartphone: a simple photo of the sticker at the entrance of the college is necessary.
"And is the fallout harmful, especially for the vivariums of certain classes? »The company ensures that the 100% French product meets all the standards and certificates necessary to be effective without odor or harmfulness. “We took an existing recipe, which destroys 99.9% viruses and bacteria and we found a formula, dry, which corresponds to the needs of this crisis. "
Housekeeping gave way to a" hygiene advanced "reassuring, like Damien qualifies Henault, who values the work of cleaners. They obviously continue to manually clean all the rooms on a daily basis.